New i4 4 slot charger for 18650 and AA AAA C D battery

Discover the New i4 quadruple charger from the NITECORE brand, the essential accessory for all fans of rechargeable batteries!

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Whether you use 18650 batteries or AA, AAA, C or D batteries, this versatile charger will meet all your needs.

With its innovative design, the New i4 allows you to charge up to four batteries simultaneously, saving you valuable time. No more waiting for your batteries to recharge one by one, you can now recharge them all at the same time, for continuous use of your electronic devices.

This smart charger is equipped with multiple advanced features to ensure optimal and secure charging of your batteries. It automatically detects the type of battery inserted and adjusts the charging current accordingly, preventing any risk of overcharging or overheating. In addition, it is equipped with a reverse polarity protection system, ensuring safe use.

The New i4 is also very practical to use thanks to its integrated LCD screen. This displays the charge status of each battery in real time, allowing you to easily follow the charging process. In addition, it has a two-stage charging mode, allowing you to optimize the life of your batteries by avoiding overcharges.

By choosing the New i4 quadruple charger from NITECORE, you are opting for the quality and reliability of a recognized brand in the field of portable energy. Don't waste any more time with disposable batteries, opt for an ecological and economical solution by recharging your batteries using this efficient charger.

Don't wait any longer and choose the best for your rechargeable batteries! Order the NITECORE New i4 Quad Charger now and enjoy fast, secure and efficient charging of your 18650, AA, AAA, C and D batteries.

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  • Solid plastic
  • Flame retardant
  • 220V

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