Discover our selection of Nitecore long-range lights, designed to give you exceptional visibility in the dark. This category brings together a range of concentrated beam lamps, ideal for illuminating distant areas and distant targets with impressive brightness.

Why choose Nitecore Long Throw Lights?

Exceptional Lighting Power Lamp:

Our long-throw lights feature powerful LEDs that project a beam of light over long distances, allowing you to see distant details clearly.

Long-range flashlight with Maximum visibility:

Whether you're out in the wilderness, hiking, camping, searching, or other outdoor activities, our long-range lights ensure maximum visibility for exploring your surroundings.

Lamps with ultra long beam designed to be durable and robust:

Nitecore long throw lights are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, with exceptional durability that makes them reliable partners in outdoor adventures.

Flashlights with several customizable lighting modes:

Some of our long throw lights offer adjustable brightness modes, zoom capabilities and other features to customize your lighting to suit your needs.

Flashlight for various outdoor activities:

These lights are perfect for hunting, night fishing, stargazing, night exploration, outdoor safety and much more.

Power Options: lamp with battery or rechargeable battery

Choose from battery-powered or rechargeable long-throw light models depending on your preferences.

With Nitecore's long-range lamps, discover what's in the distance:

Trust Nitecore to provide you with the long-range illumination you need to explore, spot, and illuminate distant targets.

Explore our range of Nitecore long-throw lights to find the right lighting solution for your specific needs. Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast, hunter, or outdoor enthusiast, our long-range lights are ready to light your path to adventure. With Nitecore, long-range visibility becomes a reality.

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